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Our association got an official permission as a corporation aggregate called KDIA from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1985 and has been working on manufacturing dental equipment, trading, developing related technology, promoting friendship among the member companies, increasing welfare and improving abilities in order to extend rights & interests of the membership companies and improve national dental health for 26 years.

Based on confidence and harmony from the membership companies, KDIA has been improving their rights & interests, protecting dental industries, keeping healthy commercial transactions for providing excellent dental equipment & developing whole dental industries.

In addition, KDIA is putting all efforts to settle sound exhibition culture. Accordingly, KDIA combines SIDEX 2011 which is held with Seoul Dentists’ Association’s exhibition for to organize and set-up more up-graded international dental fair.

KDIA strongly believes that a lot of international buyers & dentists will visit to exhibition and scholarship session, and we are very confident this will be wonderful opportunity to improve Korean dental industries and do PR for Korean dental equipment’s prominence.

Furthermore, KDIA will take part in well-known international dental equipment trade fair by making joint booth with other membership companies to promote Korean dental equipment’s export.

I accept that joint ownership of up-to-date information and acquirement of new knowledge are the most important in living this rapidly changing world. In order to meet this era’s requirement, KDIA will keep contributing up-to-date information exchange among the members, scholarship development, improvement & localization of dental equipment. Additionally, we, KDIA will endeavor to raise our reputation through this homepage’s useful information, news among the members and domestic and foreign interchanging activities.

Finally, KDIA appreciates for visiting our homepage and expect your continuous encouragement.

Thank you

Lim, Hoon Teak
Korean Dental Industry Association