ㆍPublication Korean dental dealers association, 7 May, 1969
   The first president ki sang, no (a-vice president : park jong yun, lee young kyu, general affairs : park yang soon)

ㆍMoving into the association office, 7 May, 1969
   83 , 1-ga bong rae-dong kwang pung jung gu, seoul

ㆍChanged a name of korea dental instrument commerce and industry association, 3 Oct, 1977
   A president kim jae gon (a vice-president : lee jong chul, kim kyung bae general affairs : park back soon)

ㆍApply to the ministry of health and social welfare affairs for a corporation aggregate foundation, 10 June, 1985

ㆍApprove to a corporation aggregate Korean dental instrument dealers association foundation
   (the first- President : kim hang deuk, a vice-president : lee young kyu, jin hong ki, lee jong chul, general affairs :
   kim duk jun), 27 Dec, 1985

ㆍThe dental association periodical publication registration application, 27 Feb, 1987
   (culture public information)

ㆍGrant approve registration to culture public information registration number RA 3255, 27 Mar, 1987

ㆍAdmission to member of Korean magazine association, 21 Oct, 1987

ㆍThe second execution department, 1 Jan, 1988
   (a president : Kim hang deuk, a vice-president : Lee young kyu, Jung won kyo, general affairs : Kim duk jun)

ㆍThe third execution department, 1 Jan, 1990
   (a president : Kim duk jun, a vice-president : Oh dong hyun, choi rak chul, lee young kyu, general affairs : song kyu chun)

ㆍThe forth execution department, 1 Jan, 1994
   (a president : Oe dong hyun, a vice-president : Song kyu chun, Choi rak dong, Jin kang duk, No kwan sik,
   general affairs : Lee tae hoon)

ㆍThe fifth execution department, 1 Jan, 1996
   (a president : Oe dong hyun, a vice-president : Song kyu chun, Han dae suk, Shin jung pil, general affairs : Lim hak rae)

ㆍThe sixth execution department, 1 Jan, 1999
   (a president : Shin jung pil, a vice-president : Kim duk hwan, Lee yong ik, Jung uel chul, Oe suk song,
   general affairs : song jong young)

ㆍImport computation network (an important matter confirmation) association invitation, 1 Nov, 1999

ㆍMoving into the association office, 20 Feb, 2001
   84-8, 5-Ga Nam-Dae-Moon Ro Jung Gu, Seoul

ㆍThe first participation of Korean dental instrument exhibition
   (17 company) by government support at the international Dental show IDS cologne from 27 to 31 Mar.

ㆍThe seventh execution department, 1 Jan, 2002
   (a president : Shin jung pil, a vice-president : Lee tae hoon, Oe suk song, Yoon ki hwan, general affairs : Kim han chul)

ㆍThe eighth execution department, 1 Mar, 2005
   (a president : Lee kyeong jae, a vice-president : Lee seong sik, Song jong young, Lim hak rae, Hong chang sik,
   general affairs : Kim myung kyoo)

ㆍ2 September 2005
   2~4 September The 3rd Korea Int'l Dental Exhibition & Conference (KDX 2005)

ㆍ8 October 2005
   8~10 October The 5th athletic meeting

ㆍ1 April 2006
   Upgraded open of KDIA & Monthly Dental Industry News

ㆍThe ninth execution department, 3 Mar, 2008
   (a president : Song jong young, a vice-president : Lim hak rae, Nam young hee, Hong chang sik, Hwang jae hoon,
   general affairs : Jang hyun yang)

ㆍAdress : 100-130, Posco thesharp 205-1, 151, Sunhwa-dong, Chung-Gu, Seoul, Korea
ㆍTEL : +82-2-754-5921
ㆍFAX : +82-2-774-5706